Stop Secret Mysteries: Stinker the Horrific Sock Monster

A funny middle-grade mystery series for fans of Roald Dahl

The sock-trap has been set! A sock-monster, Stinker,  is on the loose!

In the opening of this charmingly funny middle-grade series, top-secret cases are being solved. Why are there only odd socks  in the cabinet, and where have the hairclips and remote controls vanished?

The peculiar events begin when a strange creature snatches the last pair of socks from ten-year-old Hilla. She catches a glimpse of a fluffy, golden tail and finds a color-changing hair as evidence. A top-secret mystery must be solved, in which Hilla is helped by her neighbors Maisa and Roni-Toni. Hilla’s grandmother Mitsi clearly knows more than she’s telling, and in the end there’s an explanation for everything that no one would have expected…