When You Are Tiny

When you are tiny,
you can fly on a feather,
or sleep under heather,
when you are tiny.

This baby book by two popular authors provides for a wonderful record of a childhood, and will amount to a treasure trove that will be a source of pleasure for life. It is a tender and beautiful gift book for babies and their parents; an empowering book for both.

Too-wit, too-woo, too-who?

A merry fable about a little Too-wit Egg’s adventures in Too-wit Woods and on the Too-wit Mountain with heart-warming illustrations by Kristiina Louhi.

When the morning sun peeped into the Too-wits’ nest, Mother Too-wit felt she might be ready to lay an egg. She settled in the downy nest, watched the clouds drifting in the sky and rolled out an egg. The egg had jaunty spots, it was smooth as silk and altogether perfect. Mother Too-wit tapped the egg lightly and warbled, as she was wont to warble to her eggs, ‘Too-wit, too-woo, too-who?’

The next thing she knew, the egg started quivering and shivering, shifting and swaying, bouncing and bounding – and finally it sprang out of the nest. ‘Help!’ Mother Too-wit cried. ‘It’s on the run!’

The Giant Girl and Her Tiny Friend

The giant maiden’s tears flow and a river bursts its banks but the tale has a happy ending.

The book is a lively story about the world’s last giant girl Tina Higgins, who suffers from loneliness. Peter Perkins, on the other hand, is an exceptionally small boy but he is not afraid of big things. He likes to think of stars, planets and other big and distant things. One day the giant girl and Peter meet each other…

‘I’ve always admired big women,’ Peter said.
‘I think everything small is beautiful,’ said the giant girl.
‘That means we’re well matched! he said.
‘True!’ The giant sounded happy, lifted Peter to her lips and gave him a kiss.
The giant girl’s kiss was like a rainstorm. Peter nearly fainted with happiness. His life with Tina the giant maiden would be grand.

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Arabic, Russian, Võru