The Black Book of Football

A critical depiction of the destructive power of money in professional association football

During the 2000s, international association football has become a pompous, money-driven business. ‘The Beautiful Game’ has developed into a playing field with its own laws where oligarchs, sheikhs, and American billionaires run amok.

This startling book delves into the outrageously wealthy and powerful football clubs that do not abide by football’s own economic rules. Influential football bosses and governing bodies have become bogged down in bribe scandals, while small football countries like Finland have to count pennies.

The grotesque development culminates with the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, where the authorities and organizers do not care about costs or construction worker deaths.

Hannu Aaltonen and Tapio Keskitalo go and take a multifaceted approach in going through the corruption, money laundering, tax evasion, bribes, manipulation of scores and illegal betting present in the sport. [–] The two journalists are doing important work as they find out who stole from the fans and the players.

Tommi Liljedahl in Kulttuuritoimitus magazine