What Is the Night?

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Original title: Yö. Kirja unesta ja pimeän salaisuuksista

Published: 2016

Publisher: Myllylahti

Class/genre: Non-Fiction

Pages: 120


Rudolf Koivu Illustration Award 2017 nominee
The Most Beautiful Books of 2016, honorary mention

Illustrated by Satu Kontinen

A bedtime book of fictional and factual stories for knowledge-hungry kids and a literary tonic for insomniacs or those afraid of the dark.

This dark and mysterious book tells gentle stories about darkness and sleep. Divided into four parts, What is the Night? draws narratives from disciplines including astronomy, nocturnal nature, the physiology of sleep, and dreams, ending with an epilogue of multilingual good night wishes.

Over four, beautifully-illustrated chapters What is the Night? spins a captivating tale of true facts interspersed with myths and legends, explaining how the moon gets its glow, to the Ancient myths of how the night was created. This is the perfect bedtime book to read to others, both old and young, or oneself.

Rights sold:
FINLAND, Myllylahti (orig. publisher)
RUSSIA, KompasGuide


“What IS the night? Why do I need to sleep? What is the purpose of water in nature? Sometimes even adults cannot answer those questions and that’s where the books are really helpful. The illustrations are also very special, playful and even a bit mystical. The books are written with heart and form a complete whole. We really like them!”
Tiina Tammer, Editor, Tammerraamat publishing, Estonia.

“Elegant, concise and thoughtful.”
– Turun Sanomat

“Fascinating facts framed by a beautiful, nocturnal-themed design.”
– Helsingin Sanomat

Laura Ertimo

Laura Ertimo is a geographer and author. She has previously worked in publishing of geography-related non-fiction and maps, and now she writes full time, specializing in children’s non-fiction. A recurring theme in her work is the holistic worldview, the interaction between phenomena, people and nature.

Author photo: Anna Autio.


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