Jingle Land

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Original title: Mantelimaa

Author: Miina Supinen

Published: 2013

Publisher: WSOY

Genre: Literary Fiction

Pages: 300

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Sometimes even Christmas has a sinister heart.

Deep in the Finnish wilderness stands a glittery theme park called Jingle Land, ruled by eccentric megalomaniac Veikko H. Halkio. His vision for a land where Christmas is eternal includes strippers dressed as sexy elves, hordes of creepy animatronic reindeer and the world’s largest chocolate fountain. In order to complete his dream, Veikko desperately yearns for his boyhood crush, Molli, to perform at the park.

Molli and Veikko share a dark secret, and she has spent most of her life trying to put the incident behind her. Now a happily married mother of two, she wants nothing to do with his holiday-obsessed extravaganza. But when a devastating accident leaves her as the sole breadwinner, she has to accept Veikko’s offer.

Although rehearsing an avant-garde Christmas show awakens some of Molli’s long-dormant ambitions as a performer, she soon encounters buried secrets at Jingle Land – both in Veikko’s potentially criminal business operations and deep underneath the park. There are some elements of Jingle Land of which even Veikko appears to be unaware.

Miina Supinen

Miina Supinen (b. 1976) is a journalist, essayist and author. Her critically acclaimed novels and short stories have a dedicated fan following, and many consider her the funniest, most effervescent female writer in Finland. Nominated for the Helsingin Sanomat Debut Book of the Year Award in 2007, her novel Jelly Control (Liha tottelee kuria, WSOY 2007), is a cult classic. The collection of short stories, Land of the Apatosaurus (Apatosauruksen maa, WSOY 2010), was nominated for the 2010 Runeberg Prize.

Based on Supinen’s radio plays, Violet Jawbone’s Career Guide (Orvokki Leukaluun urakirja, WSOY 2013) was published in the spring of 2013. Ray Girl (Säde, WSOY 2013), is a mystical love story examining death, beauty, love, religion, sexual norms and culture clashes. Her latest book, Jingle Land (Mantelimaa, Tammi 2015), is a darkly comical look at Christmas obsession gone awry.


Miina Supinen

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Miina Supinen

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