Finding Sisu: In Search of Courage, Strength and Happiness the Finnish way

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WORLD ENGLISH: HarperCollins

CROATIA: Planetopia
ESTONIA: Rahva Raamat
FINLAND: Gummerus
FRANCE: Editions Leduc.s

Original title: Finding Sisu: In Search of Courage, Strength and Happiness the Finnish way

Author: Katja Pantzar

Illustrator: Katja Pantzar

Published: 2018

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton (UK); TarcherPerigee (US)

Class/genre: Non-Fiction

Pages: 320

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U.S. title: The Finnish Way: Finding Courage, Wellness, and Happiness through the Power of Sisu

Find your sisu: the Finnish concept of resilience, grit, and determination – part memoir, part guidance.


Forget hygge–it’s time to blow out the candles and get out into the world! Journalist Katja Pantzar did just that, taking the huge leap to move from North America to the remote Nordic country of Finland. What she discovered there transformed her body, mind and spirit. In this engaging and practical guide, she shows readers how to embrace the “keep it simple and sensible” daily practices with the power of sisu that make Finns one of the happiest populations in the world, year after year.

Topics include winter swimming, movement as medicine, forest therapy, healthy eating and the Nordic diet, and the gift of sisu: Why Finns embrace a special form of courage, grit and determination as a national virtue – and how anyone can dig deeper to survive and thrive through tough times.

In Finding Sisu discover the ways in which you too can integrate this age-old philosophy of hope and perseverance into your life, wherever you are in the world, whatever challenges you may face.

Find your courage. Find your grit. Find your sisu.

Rights sold:
BULGARIA, Skyprint
CHINA, Yeeyan Publishing
CZECH REP., Mladá Fronta
FINLAND, Siltala
FRANCE, Belfond
GERMANY, Bastei Lübbe
HUNGARY, Jaffa Kiado
ITALY, Marsilio/Sonzogno
JAPAN, Hojosha
PORTUGAL, Marcador
SPAIN, Roca Editorial (WS)
TURKEY, Mona Kitap/Alfa
UK, Hodder/Hachette (WE) (orig. publisher)
US, Tarcher Perigee/Penguin Random House



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Editorial praise:

”I’m delighted to be publishing Katja’s inspiring account of finding sisu and how this age-old Finnish concept was to change her life. There’s real hope and meaning to be found in embracing our natural surroundings and using nature to build within us a special kind of resilience and courage. Now, more than ever, we could all do with some extra grit and strength and Katja shows beautifully just how simply we can achieve this.” – Hannah Black, editor, Hodder & Stoughton UK

”A book filled with the tips to live an open-minded and joyful life. What’s more, they are all easy and amazingly economical! I’d like to recommend this book to Japanese people who are used to spending money on interior activities, so that they’ll remember the vastness of the sky and how comfortable it is to be outside. Perhaps the onsen (hot spring) -loving Japanese folks might even feel like to jump into cold water after reading this book!?” — Hojosha, Japan

“We’re delighted to be joining the growing list of publishers bringing this engaging and illuminating book to readers around the world. Anyone who enjoyed reading about hygge will surely embrace the simple and life-changing practices that Katja describes—including movement as medicine, “forest therapy,” and the elusive but empowering concept of sisu, which goes deeper than grit or perseverance, as the book so powerfully reveals.” — Marian Lizzi, Editorial Director, Tarcher Perigee/Penguin Random House USA

“For us, [Finding Sisu] is a prime example of the popular Scandinavian lifestyle, which Katja Pantzar introduces to us in a wonderfully charming way!” – Sabine Niemeier, Bastei Lübbe, Germany

“[Finding] is the passport that allows you to jump in the deep end of yourself, finding a new wave – cold and cool – for your physical and emotional comfort. The book with which the Spanish readers will discover and embrace the power of sisu.” – Carol Paris, Roca Editorial de Libros, Spain

“With its beautiful sound, sisu is a magical word that will have tangible effects in your life, showing you the best way to deal with life’s hurdles and challenges. Energizing, honest, and ultimately inspiring, this original narrative from one of the happiest countries in the world will disclose to you the secret power of this untranslatable word. Forever grateful to Katja Pantzar for revealing us this inner need we’ll never want to do without.” – Patricia Chendi & Francesca Varotto, Sonzogno di Marsilio Editori, Italy

”Sisu is said to be the reason Finns have defied so many odds  – winning impossible wars, creating educational miracles, and most importantly, living contently everyday in any kind of weather, condition or situation. The concept has been kept in Finland for a long time. Now, through Katja’s writing, the world gets to learn the secret!” – Kanchala Navanugraha, editor, OpenBooks Thailand.

”In a demanding world and stressful life, we need something different to cope with the daily stress and all the pressures. Finding Sisu helps us find the perfect balance inside ourselves and face all the challenges life has in store for us. I do recommend it!” – Cristina Lourenço, publisher, Marcador Editora Portugal

”Look out, hygge – sisu is here to stay!” – Aleksi Siltala, publisher, Siltala Publishing, Finland

“We are proud and happy to be the future publisher of [The Magic of Sisu] in Russian – the book by the Finnish author being written in English and then translated into Russian – aren’t the most wonderful and huge ideas international?!” – Anastasia Filippova, AST Publishing Group, Russia

“If someone from a place outside Finland can find her happiness, why not people in China? I do think this is important as we can learn from real examples, experience real feelings, listen to real stories and finally find real happiness.” – Claire Han, editor, Yeeyan Publishing, China

“We at Belfond are so happy to be the French publisher of Nordic Kiss, a perfect acquisition for our l’Esprit d’ouverture imprint. Katja Pantzar tells us everything about the Finnish concept of sisu, the new Scandi trends and we can’t wait to spread the word in France. Are you ready to try?” – Caroline Ast, Éditions Belfond, France

“We are very happy and proud that we have the honor of bringing Nordic Kiss to The Netherlands and Belgium. We can use some ‘sisu’ over here.” – Hans Koenen, Kosmos Uitgevers, The Netherlands


Blogger praise:


“This book read like a novel. It was excitingly written and still contained plenty of information and tips on how to integrate Nordic lifestyle in everyday life. For me it was definitely an enriching experience to read this book. Try it yourself.” – Frau Curly bloggt blog, Germany

“A book for everyone who wants to get inspired and seek for their own sisu. Despite an academic approach, it is not an academic book, but more of a tale of experience, more of an encouragement than a guide.” – Janetts Meinungs blog, Germany

“The author reminds us of old wisdoms wonderfully empathetically.” – Lieblingsleseplatz blog, Germany

Katja Pantzar

Helsinki-based writer, editor and broadcast journalist Katja Pantzar was born in Finland and raised and educated in Canada. A freelance member of the Finnish public broadcasting company Yle’s news team, Pantzar is a regular contributor to Blue Wings, the in-flight magazine of Finnair and Helsinki correspondent for Monocle 24.

She is the author of three guides to Helsinki: The Hip Guide to Helsinki, Helsinki by Light and 100 Things to Do in Helsinki. Finding Sisu is the first book Pantzar has written that will be published outside of Finland.


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