Emilia Lahti

Emilia Lahti is a doctoral candidate, entrepreneur, international leadership trainer and leading expert of the global phenomenon of sisu. She is also a published academic writer and the founder of the Finnish Association for Positive Psychology. Her writings have appeared at CNBC, The Creativity Post, Happiness Daily, and SisuLab.Com. She has also founded a non-profit organization called Sisu Not Silence that is focused on building futures free of patterns of abuse. She is passionate about research that translates to practical tools to enable growth and wellbeing in the everyday life.

As a part of her research and quest to understand how individuals unearth dormant life energy, Emilia trained to complete Ironman triathlons and a 2400km/50-day run/bike journey across New Zealand, and joined a martial arts academy in the mountains of North China. Her upcoming first international book Gentle Power: Accessing the Ancient Wisdom Within to Face a New Era is the result of a decade of research and life on five different continents.


Emilia Lahti

Gentle Power

2021, Personal Growth & Lifestyle

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