Wild Castle

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English sample & synopsis
Finnish edition

Original title: Hurjalinna

Published: 2015

Publisher: Tammi

Class/genre: Middle-Grade

Pages: 184


Tampere City Literary Award winner 2015
LukuVarkaus Award nominee 2016

Capricia, a vagabond, knows that there is something different about her – something that is constantly getting her into trouble. She can’t fully understand what, for example, causes a piano to play on its own when she is around. When she encounters a menacing castle hovering over the town of Muddleton, her curiosity is sparked: who are its mysterious inhabitants, and why are they trying to block out everyone from the outside? When Capricia and her new friends uncover the secret of Wild Castle, her life turns upside-down.

”Using rich imagination, Katja Krekelä has created wholly original characters that are tough to categorize.” – Sinisen linnan kirjasto (Blue Castle Library) literature blog, Finland (on Romisko)

“I would recommend Wild Castle to anyone from age 8 upwards who is looking for a memorable adventure with lovable characters.” – Finnish reader, 15

Katja Krekelä

Katja Krekelä is a Tampere-based author known for her lyrical and imaginative stories mixing adventure and fairy tale. Her debut novel Romisko (2011) has been translated into Danish and Swedish. Wild Castle (Tammi 2015), her middle-grade fantasy adventure, explores a simultaneously creepy and delightful world in which nothing is as it seems.


Katja Krekelä

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