The Witch Mirror

Original title: Noitapeili

Published: 2016

Publisher: Otava

Class/genre: Middle-Grade

Pages: 200

Book 1: The Witch Mirror

Hugo and Lydia find a strange map between the pages of a book called ”Witch Mirror”. They follow the map to the Secret Library, where old and rare books are stored and cherished. From the library they find a way to a magical land where witches are preparing for a celebration. But when Lydia gets trapped inside an evil mirror, Hugo has to do everything he can to save her.

Mila Teräs

MILA TERÄS has written several books for children, young adults and adults, and been nominated for the prestigious Finlandia Junior and Topelius prizes. She often incorporates fantasy and historical elements into her realistic work.

Mila Teräs has been nominated for several prizes, like for the prestigious Topelius Prize in 2006 & 2013, and for the Anni Polva Prize in 2013. She was shortlisted for IBBY honors list 2007, and her and Karoliina Pertamo’s previous collaborations were nominated for the most renowned children’s literary prize in Finland, the Finlandia Prize, in 2014 and 2015.

Two books from Mila Teräs’ middle-grade Telma series have been translated into German. She has written for kids, youngsters and adults.


Mila Teräs

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