The Scale

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Original title: Suomu

Published: 2007

Publisher: Tammi

Class/genre: Young Adults

Pages: 223

Oona is angry. She’s so furious that she walks into the lake with all of her clothes on and swims farther than she ever has before – over to the other side. The water scrapes against her strangely, and she gets a deep cut.

On the opposite shore, the landscape has changed and the people seem slightly odd, and no one has a mobile phone. A flying lizard? A mind-reader? People living in sheds? Daylight scares them? When Oona starts working in a shoe factory, she understands that some kind of evil is enveloping the whole village. Why won’t anyone talk about it?

The Scale is a youth novel that flits as smoothly as a lizard from one time, and one reality, to another. It ladles out a mixture of recent history, vampire stories, and pure fantasy. What if the world was just the tiniest bit different – by a cat’s whisker or the width of a lizard’s scale?

“The Scale is a description of a differing view of history, a journey in time, a fantasy story about the immortals who gather their energy from the living. The Scale is also a wonderful novel about relationships.” – Virikkeitä

“The Scale is like a youth novel which is written in the shady realm of dreams, and which surprisingly remains intact in the real world.” – Tähtivaeltaja

“Peltoniemi uses fantasy with elements of folklore and horror. She manages to create an intense and, at times, most chilling atmosphere. Dialogue is fun but does not slack.” – Hämeen Sanomat

Sari Peltoniemi

Sari Peltoniemi is a versatile and respected author who writes for children, young adults, and adults. She has also written lyrics and played the bass in the Noitalinna huraa! band. Peltoniemi’s texts have the ability to transform even the most ordinary into extraordinary and everyday life into an adventure. Peltoniemi says she writes organic fantasy that combines everyday reality with the countless possibilities of the imagination.


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