The Handbook of Sustainability

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Finnish edition
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Original title: Hyvin eletty

Published: 2017

Publisher: WSOY

Class/genre: Non-Fiction

Pages: 192 pp.

A modern woman’s must-have guide to a sustainable lifestyle: chic, fun, stylish and inspiring!

Sustainability is not only a responsible choice, it’s also a trendy and modern way of life. Natural cosmetics, ethical fashion and vegan food are gaining more and more popularity. But how do you know what kind of materials are eco-friendly? Which companies take care of their social responsibility? How do you read the INCI list on cosmetic product labels? This book is here to help.

The Little Book of Sustainability claims that what is good for the environment is good for you: and it’s fun too. The book focuses on four different aspects of lifestyle: beauty, clothing, food and home. It is a sweet, hip and beautifully illustrated guidebook to sustainable and ethical living. This gorgeous and informative book draws inspiration from Nordic aesthetics and the balanced and natural way of life, and has sold several reprints in Finland.

“An extensive (and super pretty) guide to sustainable clothing, cosmetics, home and food.”
– Cosmopolitan

“Really inspiring”
– Anna

Karita Sainio

Karita Sainio has been working with sustainability for years. One of her most known projects is PR Agency Sugar Helsinki that takes only sustainable brands as their clients: Sugar is also a popular lifestyle media and a product brand and has been a success story in Finland. The company has also operated as a pop-up in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Holland. Karita is entrepreneur and an author, and her first novel was published year 2016.

Author photo: Oona Pohjolainen / Sugar Helsinki