Freya and the Idol Industry

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English manuscript

Original title: Freya and the Idol Industry

Published: 2015

Publisher: Kaiken Publishing

Class/genre: Young Adults

Pages: 300

Part of a serie: Freya

Freya’s quest to tip the scales against her enemies takes her to Hollywood, where the world of show business offers her unprecedented fame and fortune – at a price. With sinister enemies at her heels and an unknown threat lurking in the shadows, Freya will have to remain one step ahead of those out to destroy her and the people she loves.

Rights sold:

WORLD ENGLISH, Macmillan/Imprint

Matthew Laurence

Matthew Laurence has been a writer and game designer for more than eight years. He is consistently delighted that he actually gets paid to make games. His career has taken him from Orlando to San Francisco, Helsinki and Munich. In addition to playing games of all kinds, Matthew writes and cooks, travels with his wife whenever (and wherever) possible, and maintains an unhealthy relationship with Netflix.

The Freya YA series is produced in collaboration with Kaiken Publishing, an affiliate company of Rovio Entertainment. It continues and builds on Rovio’s publishing programs while also developing new stories, worlds and characters.


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