Silent Heart

Original title: Sammunut sydän

Published: 2015

Publisher: Tammi

Class/genre: Crime & Thriller

A woman named Vera commissions Mona to create a mosaic for Vera’s mother Ada, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The subject of the work – a replica of Russian artist Mikhail Vrubel’s six-winged Seraph – is oppressive and dark.

As Mona proceeds on the project, she begins to have new visions and uncovers secrets from the family’s past. Soon Vera’s husband is found dead with his tongue cut off and his chest displaying strange burn marks.

Katariina Souri

Katariina Souri (b. 1968) is an author, columnist and writer for film and television. Her debut novel, Me and Morrison (Minä ja Morrison, Tammi 1999) was adapted into a hit 2001 film. Souri is known for her fearless and entertaining writing style that combines realism, fairy tale and psychological thriller. After Scarab (Pillerinpyörittäjä, Tammi 2010) and Path (Polku, Tammi 2012), she has created the gripping and sensual Black Mandala thriller trilogy.


Katariina Souri

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