Original title: Käärinliinat

Published: 2009

Publisher: Tammi

Class/genre: Crime & Thriller

Pages: 279

Shrouds is a gripping novel about the power of the human mind as well as a merciless depiction of the harshness of life at a mental institution.

Thirty-year-old Mikael is assigned as the designated nurse of an elderly male patient in the closed ward of a mental hospital. The patient has committed an inexplicable murder, and has since retreated into a strange Egyptian counter-world, haughtily propagating his death cult through eerily hypnotic sermons. Mikael struggles to understand his patient, but due to his own life situation he fails to remain professionally detatched. His colleagues offer no help: dark cynicism dominates the everyday life of the hospital. The reader gradually finds out more about the patient as the old man’s wartime experiences unfold through a series of dramatic flashbacks, presenting one possible explanation for the onset of his disease. However, Hautala is too subtle and mature to offer a single cut-and-dry solution.


ITALY, Newton Compton

“The ending offers a surprise which upgrades a fine story to an excellent one.”
– Metro newspaper, Finland

“An exciting multidimensional tale of loss and insanity. – – Hautala is such a skilled writer that the narration is not lost in shallow horror.
– Ilona magazine, Finland

Marko Hautala

Marko Hautala’s (b. 1973) unique blend of psychological thriller and realism has attracted readers of all genres, earning him a reputation as the ’Finnish Stephen King’. Skilled at generating spine-tingling fear in his readers, he has been recognised for his literary prowess: his first novel The Self-Illuminated Ones (Itsevalaisevat, 2008) was awarded the Tiiliskivi Prize, and in 2010 Hautala received the Kalevi Jäntti Literary Prize for Young Authors for Shrouds. He was also nominated for the Young Aleksis Kivi Prize in 2013 for Seeing Eyes (Unikoira, Tammi 2012). His latest novel, The Whispering Girl was published in autumn 2016 (Tammi).


Marko Hautala

The Whispering Girl

2016, Crime & Thriller

Marko Hautala

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2014, Crime & Thriller

Marko Hautala


2011, Crime & Thriller

Marko Hautala

Seeing Eyes

2012, Crime & Thriller

Marko Hautala

The Red Marsh

2018, Crime & Thriller

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