Shattered Face

Original title: Kadonneet kasvot

Published: 2016

Publisher: Tammi

Class/genre: Crime & Thriller

While attending a mosaic course in Italy, Mona begins to have terrifying visions of a headless empress, Theodora, whose face Mona has been attempting to depict in her work. As Mona realizes that someone is pursuing her, Roni is trying his best to get his sentence repealed and come to Italy to help her. He threatens to tell authorities that he has been made a guinea pig in a medical research project that has resulted in strong hallucinations.

Mona escapes to her mother’s home in Venice, and begins to find out that her mother had many things in common with the murderous empress Theodora.

Katariina Souri

Katariina Souri (b. 1968) is an author, columnist and writer for film and television. Her debut novel, Me and Morrison (Minä ja Morrison, Tammi 1999) was adapted into a hit 2001 film. Souri is known for her fearless and entertaining writing style that combines realism, fairy tale and psychological thriller. After Scarab (Pillerinpyörittäjä, Tammi 2010) and Path (Polku, Tammi 2012), she has created the gripping and sensual Black Mandala thriller trilogy.


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