Sensored Reality: Glitch

Original title: Glitch

Published: 2019, May

Publisher: Tammi

Class/genre: Young Adults

Pages: 320

Part of a serie: Sensored Reality

Set in Helsinki as it struggles through the harsh hyper winter, 17-year old Minako, nicknamed Bug, faces enemies both in video games and in real life. Her mother has disappeared, and the more Bug investigates the gaming corporation she works at, the more mysteries arise. Bug is also busy figuring out her own life: she has begun her studies at the prestigious game academy, but it isn’t easy being the most famous gamer in the world. Dangerous things are starting to happen in real life which should be taking place only in video-games. Can there be glitches in reality?

Anders Vacklin & Aki Parhamaa

Anders Vacklin is a prize-winning screenwriter, dramaturge, script doctor, and author of several manuals on scriptwriting.

Aki Parhamaa is studying creative writing at the University of Jyväskylä, and writing a Finnish superhero movie.

Beta is the duo’s first novel, based on a script for a short film called Suited Reality, a success at PAGE International, International BlueCat, and ScreenCraft screenwriting competitions.


Sensored Reality Beta Finnish cover

Anders Vacklin & Aki Parhamaa

Sensored Reality: Beta

2018, Young Adults