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Original title: Pulssi

Published: April 2020

Publisher: Tammi

Class/genre: Crime & Thriller

Pages: 300

Don’t trust anyone. Don’t panic. A suspenseful mystery set in the darkness of Lapland. For the fans of Liane Moriarty, Paula Hawkins and A.J.Finn.

New layers are added to the relationship between passionate world-improver Leia and hacker Timo, when Leia is left alone as a hostage in a cottage in the middle of winter. Has the man gone mad or are they both in danger? The idyllic Northern Lights dance in the sky outside, but inside the cabin things are getting more dangerous. The Hitchcockian suspense deepens, when the AI in the cottage suddenly starts to talk to Leia. But the biggest surprise is yet to come….

A standalone sequel to the award-winning Rear Window and Siren.


Pauliina Susi

Pauliina Susi has worked as a journalist and editor at several well-known Finnish magazines. She has a master’s degree in political science, and is known for her ability to incorporate current themes into her prose. Her debut novel  was nominated for the prestigious Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize and In the Rear Window is the Winner of the Clue of the Year 2016, a recognition of the best crime fiction or detective novel of the year.


Pauliina Susi

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Pauliina Susi


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Pauliina Susi


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