Hilja’s Summer in The Green House

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Original title: Hilja ja vihreän talon kesä

Published: 2017

Publisher: Mäkelä

Class/genre: Middle-Grade

Pages: 76

Part of a serie: Hilja series

Book 1 of the Hilja series


An exciting and fun book series for primary school readers. Also allowed for adults!


”I got the name Hilja (engl. quiet) because Mom and Dad thought I would be as calm as my big sister. But I can tell you that moms and dads don’t always know everything…”

Hilja is a seven-year-old girl who lives in a wooden house that always needs some fixing. Her family consists of her mother, father, little sister Taimi and big sister Veini. Grandpa is also closely involved in the life of the Green House. He helps Dad with the renovation, takes the kids to fish, and tells jokes.  Hilja has only seen her grandma in an old photograph. However, there are three ladies in the neighborhood who are making sure that Hilja doesn’t have just one grandma but three!

The late summer is full of hustle and bustle. Weather they are celebrating something, catching fish or making Midsummer magic it is never boring! When cousin Martti comes to visit, Agent H and Agent M begin a spy mission to Aunt Strawberry’s house. The excursion ends up in the aunt’s vegetable garden, where secret agents are assigned the task K – weeding.

The idyllic countryside scenery provides room for imagination. These stories are not full of action and crime., but life in the Green house is never too smooth, and the story is spiced with just the right touch of anarchist humor.

Rights sold:

FINLAND: Mäkelä (orig.)

Heidi Viherjuuri trusts her young readers to understand a good amount of irony and a very cheeky main character. Wonderful!
– Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger newspaper, Germany

Heidi Viherjuuri

Heidi Viherjuuri is a teacher, children’s writer and a blogger, who lives in Germany. She grew up in a small village in the Finnish countryside – just like Hilja.


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