Hilja’s Summer in The Green House

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Original title: Hilja ja vihreän talon kesä

Published: 2017

Publisher: Mäkelä

Class/genre: Middle-Grade

Pages: 76

Part of a serie: Hilja series

Book 1 of the Hilja series


Hilja is 7 years old, and she loves the summer! There’s nothing better than the freedom to climb trees, run around, go fishing and make new friends. Prone to adventures, she also gets a chance to catch a thief!

Rights sold:

FINLAND: Mäkelä (orig.)

Heidi Viherjuuri

Heidi Viherjuuri is a teacher, children’s writer and a blogger, who lives in Germany. She grew up in a small village in the Finnish countryside – just like Hilja.


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