How to Turn Your Child’s Anger into an Asset

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Finnish manuscript due in summer 2018
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Original title: Sisu, tahto ja viha – aggression hallintaa suomalaiseen tapaan

Published: 2018

Publisher: N/A

Class/genre: Non-Fiction

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How do you turn attitude, strong will, and anger into independence and self-esteem? How to empower your child to manage challenging emotions? Aggression can be a positive driving force: all emotions are great resources if one learns to use them right. This is the Finnish “sisu” that is needed to change the world.

The book offers guidance and tips on how to prevent harm and to reinforce essential life skills and wellbeing. It features a comprehensive step-by-step model of a child’s development based on years of experience and research.

Raisa Cacciatore & Erja Korteniemi-Poikela

RAISA CACCIATORE is a mother of two, MD., child psychiatrist, adolescent health specialist and non-fiction author. She is specialized in and has written a lot about sex education and aggression management. Many remember her as the agony aunt of the teen magazine Demi, and her health education books have been used in school curricula.

She has worked as a special physician in the Parenthood department at the Family Federation of Finland since 1998, and is preparing her dissertation in Helsinki University about Supporting and protecting sexuality in children aged 4-6 years. Raisa has been also working with high quality, age- and development adjusted sexuality education and aggression management models for over 30 years, both in Finland and internationally. She has published approx. 100 guides, books and web-models for babies, children, adolescents, adults, parents, couples and professionals in social work, health care and education.

ERJA KORTENIEMI-POIKELA is a midwife, healthcare professional and non-fiction author, who has published several books on sex education and self-esteem.

The duo’s previous collaborations include several books for adolescents, parents and professionals alike.


Raisa Cacciatore & Erja Korteniemi-Poikela

How to Talk to Your Child about Love and Sexuality

2018, Non-Fiction