A Far, Far Love

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Original title: Kaukorakkaus

Published: 2019

Publisher: Teos

Class/genre: Literary

Pages: 240

A story of longing, love, and loss. For the fans of The Red Address Book – with a humoristic twist.

Kauko Koskinen is a man of order: receipts are organized, 60 years of calendars are safely stored, and every day has certain rhythms and routines. But when he gets banned from the dementia care home where his wife resides, his life turns upside down. Memories of his youth bring a person from the past back to his mind: where is his first love now? Kauko starts to track down a woman he knew sixty years ago, but is he chasing only a memory or a dream?

From internationally bestselling author of the Sunset Grove trilogy and The Angry Widow.

Books sold to 11 territories.


”Minna Lindgren shows with a great sense of humour and a lot of knowledge that it might not be the best time of your life when you are old, but it does not mean the end either.” –Helga Frese-Resch, Kiepenheuer & Witsch on The Angry Widow


Lindgren is hilariously funny, every word is a humorous strike full of social commentary. – Kirjavinkit.fi


When Minna Lindgren writes about love it is never an ordinary story. Her trademarks, sharp satire and humor, are there, but this time there are also elements of loss and sorrow. – – Lindgren is a genius in making fun of the current trends! – Kirjasta kirjaan blog


“The strongest message of Far Far Love is the dialogue between the generations.” – Anun ihmeelliset matkat blog

Minna Lindgren

Minna Lindgren (b. 1963) is a freelance journalist and columnist known for her whimsical writing style and fearless approach to topics as strange as opera and death. In addition to novels, she has authored nonfiction books on classical music. In 2009 Lindgren won the Bonnier Journalism Prize for her article entitled “Father’s Death” (“Isän kuolema”).

The fictional Death in Sunset Grove (Kuolema Ehtoolehdossa, Teos 2013) and Escape from Sunset Grove (Ehtoolehdon pakolaiset, Teos 2014) are the first two entries of a mystery trilogy that takes a sharp and satirical look at life inside a retirement home.

Minna Lindgren’s books have been critical and commercial successes, in Finland and internationally.

If you enjoy the whodunits of Miss Marple, the sharp quips of Downton Abbey or the playfulness of the bestselling 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed out of the Window and Disappeared, you will fall in love with The Sunset Grove Trilogy.


Minna Lindgren

Escape from Sunset Grove

2014, Literary

Minna Lindgren

The End of Sunset Grove

2015, Literary

Minna Lindgren

Death in Sunset Grove

2013, Literary

Minna Lindgren

The Angry Widow

2018, Literary

Minna Lindgren

Hope Never Dies

2020 Summer, Literary

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