Original title: Pintaremontti

Published: 2020

Publisher: Otava

Class/genre: Literary

Pages: 250

Tragicomic tale of life’s biggest questions and their surprisingly simple answers.

#humour #problems #wellbeing #socialmedia #fake #facelift

What connects a 70-year old widow, a guy from a motorbike club, a single-father, and a personal carer? — They are all looking for an easy
solution for their problems.

In this case, the solution is Sanni, a wellbeing blogger with a perfect life. But can every day be filled with freshly-baked spelt bread and rustic pottery arrangements? It takes 3 seconds to get a perfect picture for Instagram, but perhaps one should focus a little more on the rest of the day, beyond those three seconds?

Rights sold:

FINLAND: Otava (orig.)
GERMANY: Kein & Aber

”Reading a novel by Nousiainen is like a scenic ride in a ropeway: a comfortable, entertaining spectacle while looking into deep abysses. I can’t wait to read more and start laughing and at the same time having this awkward and thrilling feeling of facing existential questions.”

– Patrick Sielemann, Editor, Kein & Aber, Germany

Miika Nousiainen

Miika Nousiainen writes sharp, gentle and often tragicomical novels about surprising themes like long-distance running, the desire to be Swedish, and dentistry. He works as a journalist and writes also for television.


Miika Nousiainen


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