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Original title: Uhanalainen

Published: 2013

Publisher: Tammi

Class/genre: Young Adults

Pages: 444

The Wolf Creek Series, Book II

Having returned to Helsinki, Raisa is trying her best to let go of what happened to her in Wolf Creek. But her great love, Mikael, is not easy to forget, the wolves are calling her, and Wolf Creek has not yet revealed all of its secrets. If you can’t trust own feelings – whom can you trust?

Rights sold:
CHINA (simplified Chinese), Modern Press

“Rouhiainen has a way with words and knows how to tell a captivating story. (–) The Wolf Creek series merges breakneck speed and danger with more contemplative tones in just the right way.” – Keskisuomalainen newspaper, 20 August 2013


“I was on tenterhooks reading Endangered, anticipating the next revelation. The secrets never disappointed, and the brilliant and surprising ending left me eagerly waiting for the next installment.“ – Kirjaneidon tornihuone literature blog, 8 August 2013


“Rouhiainen has a talent for letting the secrets unfold without revealing too much at an early stage; the book holds the reader in its grip until the last page.” – Kirjaston kummitus literature blog, 5 August 2013

Elina Rouhiainen

Elina Rouhiainen is a Helsinki-based author with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. She says she drinks too much coffee, specializes in the wee small hours and one-liners, and loves reading YA novels; and just like her protagonists, she is very familiar with the streets of Helsinki. Rouhiainen finished the first version of her debut novel Untamed, the first entry in the Wolf Creek series, in just over a month. The story took flight when an image flashed through her mind: a big wolf approaching a girl sitting alone at the edge of the forest.


Elina Rouhiainen


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Elina Rouhiainen


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