At the Edge of Light

Original title: Valon reunalla

Published: 2005

Publisher: Teos

Class/genre: Literary

Pages: 165

At the Edge of Light is a suffocating story of a true-life Romeo and a Juliet born somewhere in the far north, in a world of permafrost and insufferable people.

The novel is set in a close village community and tells the story of a girl and the boy she loves. Burning passion threatens to consume the lovers, and other people are a source of pain, but there is also room for absurd, ad-hoc humour. Peura describes her characters beautifully, heartbreakingly and with great honesty. Readers fear for them, and hope that the passion and curiosity that these young lovers struggle so vainly to conceal will not completely destroy them.

Rights sold:

English (UK)

Maria Peura

Maria Peura (b. 1970) is a prize-winning author and dramaturge. She was given the prestigious Young Aleksis Kivi Prize, and nominated for the Finlandia Prize, for her debut novel Your Love Is Infinite (On rakkautes ääretön) in 2001. It also received received the Olvi Foundation Award and the Good Deed for Children Award. At the Edge of Light (Valon reunalla), received stellar reviews both in Finland and in the UK, where it was published in 2007. Among Peura’s other works is a collection of poetry for children.


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