Raisa Cacciatore & Erja Korteniemi-Poikela


Raisa Cacciatore MD, is a child psychiatrist, special competence in adolescent health, specialist physician, and an EMDR Europe Accredited Practitioner. She provides training to professionals and to parents and has written many textbooks and works of nonfiction, including Save the Boys. She is currently writing her dissertation on the topic of supporting children’s sexuality. Raisa has received lifetime achievement awards from the Finnish Cultural Foundation (2011) and the Association of Finnish Non-Fiction Writers (2016), as well as the State Award for Public Information (2017).

Erja Korteniemi-Poikela is a midwife, nurse, clinical sexologist, and nonfiction author. She has had a long career working with the sexual health of adults, children, and adolescents, and has co-authored several nonfiction books with Raisa Cacciatore. Erja was chosen Midwife Innovator of the Year in 2000, and in 2004, received the School Health Deed of the Year award from the Finnish Association of School and Student Health for her work on the Steps to Sexual Maturity learning materials published by the Finnish National Agency for Education.

The duo’s previous collaborations include several books for adolescents, parents and professionals alike.

“Positive humor helps in handling the difficult subject. [The authors] nevertheless make no compromises with facts; they all hold true. One would wish this fun sex-ed guide would be read by adults as well, for it helps in building a positive sexual self-image.” – Finlandia Non-fiction Prize jury 2005 on Hei beibi mä oon tulta by the same authors


Raisa Cacciatore & Erja Korteniemi-Poikela

Love, Joy and Courage – Steps Toward Sexual Maturity

2019, Non-Fiction

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