Mikko-Pekka Heikkinen

Mikko-Pekka Heikkinen was born in the Finnish countryside and lives in Helsinki. He works as a journalist, specializing on culture and nature. He has written 5 books and his work, praised for its humor and social satire, has been published also in English and Czech. Two of his novels have been adapted as screenplays and Reindeer Mafia is being made into a TV series.

”In The City Wall Mikko-Pekka Heikkinen ridicules one group after another without being mean. It’s a skill many comedians lacks. – – – The City Wall is amusing, but though-provoking. You read it with a smile on your face.” – Tähtivaeltaja 1/2019 magazine

”Mikko-Pekka Heikkinen has an incredible talent to address the problems of our time already before they exist! – – The City Wall is so humoristic that it forces you to smile.” – Turun Sanomat newspaper on The City Wall

”Mikko-Pekka Heikkinen’s clever humor addresses the most acute problems of our time. – – His verbal acrobatics bring readers back to his books time after time.” – Kaleva newspaper on The City Wall

”When the novelist is Mikko-Pekka Heikkinen, it’s almost inevitable that the setting culminates into a comedy with its heart beating for the countryside, but sharp jokes are shot in every possible direction.” – Aamulehti newspaper on The City Wall

“The refugee theme in The City Wall catches the essence of the immigration discussion that has turned into a fight between extremists. And obviously, just the idea of radicalized hipsters is pure awesomeness.” – Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, on The City Wall

”Heikkinen writes well and finds masterful juxtapositions. The array of characters is fun too.” – Kauppalehti on The City Wall

”Wickedly humoristic, but also serious and timely play of different discourses. The City Wall shows how easily people can be divided under any circumstances, in any country.” – Savon Sanomat newspaper on The City Wall

“Heikkinen has geared up his imagination and basing on current events, built a laugh-out-loud humorous vision of the future with serious undertones.”
–Yle broadcaster on Heikkinen’s novel Greetings from Kuttura

”Rarely do you stumble upon a novel that is thrilling, funny, full of action – and as if that wasn’t enough – it’s also full of truth.”
–Helsingin Sanomat newspaper on Greetings from Kuttura


Mikko-Pekka Heikkinen

The City Wall

2018, Literary

Mikko-Pekka Heikkinen

The Reindeer Mafia

2016, Literary

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