Miika Nousiainen

Miika Nousiainen writes sharp, gentle and often tragicomical novels about surprising themes like long-distance running, the desire to be Swedish, and dentistry. He works as a journalist and writes also for television.

“We are so happy and proud to publish the new and fantastic humorous writer, Miika Nousianen in Italy. We admire his works and love his frank depictions of Finnish culture mixed with incredible humour, sharp observations, brilliant writing and societal themes, in the great tradition of Arto Paasilinna, Aki Kaurismäki and Kari Hotakainen. We are sure that the Italian readers will fall in love with the adventures of the two incredible brothers of Juurihoito. As our Finnish readers said “A great book: you read it in one breath, it makes you cry (several times) and smile (very often).” – Cristina Gerosa, editorial director, Iperborea


Miika Nousiainen


2016, Literary

Miika Nousiainen

Raspberry Boat Refugee

2007, Literary

Miika Nousiainen


2020 Fall, Literary

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