Marja-Leena Tiainen

Marja-Leena Tiainen is one of the most respected and beloved Finnish YA authors, with more than 30 children’s and young adults’ novels under her belt. She often tackles difficult themes such as death, racism or teenage pregnancy in her novels, which by no means lack in emotional depth. Her numerous accolades include the Topelius Prize and two nominations for the ALMA.

“Tiainen creates fictional characters, but her stories’ are deeply rooted in the real world: in our time, place and experiences.”

– Savon Sanomat newspaper


Marja-Leena Tiainen

Messages from the Other Side

2016, Young Adults

Marja-Leena Tiainen

Hearts of Khao Lak

2013, Young Adults

Marja-Leena Tiainen

Between Two Worlds

2011, Young Adults

Marja-Leena Tiainen

Seeing the Forest for the Trees

2010, Young Adults

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