Leena Parkkinen

Leena Parkkinen, Teos.

Leena Parkkinen has authored three prize-winning adults’ novels set in 20th century Europe, often about people living at the margins society. She has also written to children’s story books. Her skillful use of detail is often imbued with an element of suspense.

Parkkinen has received numerous literary awards, such as Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize for the best debut (2009), Academic Bookshop’s Bestselling Debut Prize (2009) and the Kalevi Jäntti Prize (2013), in addition to being nominated for the Torch-bearer Prize 2017. Her works have been translated into seven languages to date.


The Decent Ingredient is, in all respects, a near-perfect novel. The story and the characters are intriguing, surprising and inspiring. Wartime and post-war Finland and Europe come across for the reader as a sensory avalanche of tastes, images, feelings and perceptively chosen phenomena.”
– Aamulehti newspaper, Finland


“Leena Parkkinen has become one of the most interesting authors of our country.”
– Demokraatti newspaper, Finland


“A wonderful novel with a lot of humanity and exciting moments, reading pleasure from the first to the last page.”
– Ruhr Nachrichten, Germany, on West of Galtby



Leena Parkkinen

Decent Ingredients

2016, Literary


Leena Parkkinen

Little Brother’s Marvellous Expedition

2017, Picture Book

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