Laura Gustafsson

Laura Gustafsson is a novelist and playwright. Recurring themes in her work include oppression, violence, animal rights and the environment, which she approaches with precision, passion, irony and humor.

Gustafsson’s accolades include nominations for the Finlandia Prize and Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize, and her works have been translated into French and German.

”The new sensation of Finnish literature!”
– Stylist magazine, France, on Anomalia


”A novel of a fabulous literary force.”
– La Marseillaise magazine, France, on Anomalia


“Gustafsson has planted seeds of many different themes and thoughts in her novel. Their final interpretation is up to the readers themselves, and nothing is spelled out. The author’s language works very well: it is beautiful and stylishly compact.”
– Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, Finland on Wilderness Warrior


Laura Gustafsson

Wilderness Warrior

2016, Literary

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