Elina Rouhiainen

Elina Rouhiainen is a Helsinki-based author with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. She says she drinks too much coffee, specializes in the wee small hours and one-liners, and loves reading YA novels; and just like her protagonists, she is very familiar with the streets of Helsinki. Rouhiainen finished the first version of her debut novel Untamed, the first entry in the Wolf Creek series, in just over a month. The story took flight when an image flashed through her mind: a big wolf approaching a girl sitting alone at the edge of the forest.

“I read [Untamed] in one night. Wolf Creek and its strange inhabitants sucked me in…this was definitely a book that exceeded my expectations: I thought I would be getting a typical paranormal romance with its clichés, but this was something much more and much better.”
-The Finnish Reading Centre’s young readers’ literary journal Lukufiilis

“Rouhiainen has a way with words and knows how to tell a captivating tale…The Wolf Creek series merges fast-paced storytelling and a sense of danger with more contemplative tones in just the right way.”
Keskisuomalainen newspaper, Finland

“Rouhiainen’s debut is a prime example of what wonderful and interesting things can happen in Finnish literature when you let go of the reins and free the wolf.”
Sylvi online magazine, Finland

“Unsolved questions are left to tease the reader, creating exciting tension for the sequel. Rouhiainen writes fluently and the first-person narrative has the reader hooked.”
Saran kirjat literature blog


Elina Rouhiainen


2012, Young Adults

Elina Rouhiainen


2013, Young Adults

Elina Rouhiainen


2014, Young Adults

Elina Rouhiainen


2015, Young Adults

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