New wonderful praise for The Women I Think About At Night

Mia Kankimäki’s narrative non-fiction The Women I Think About At Night is one of the most reviewed titles in Finland in 2018. And it has been a sales success as well with over 12,000 copies printed! This book truly has won the hearts of readers of all ages –and it will keep doing so in the US, Germany, Netherlands and Russia!

The Women I Think About At Night is so empowering! I feel like a stronger person after reading it. I feel I am capable of more! I am a night woman of my own life!
– Kirjasähkökäyrä blog

Kankimäki has the skill of writing: she can bring history and past alive. She wonders, observes, experiences and figures things out in such a realistic way that the reader shares her excitement and passion.
– Kulttuuri kukoistaa blog 

I fell in love with Kankimäki’s writing, her sharp humor and precise remarks. – – She writes so honestly about the process of creating the book that the reader can relate.
– Hyviä Sanoja blog 

So captivating that you can’t skip even one sentence!
– Lumiomena blog 

The Women I Think About at Night makes one reflect their own life and choices. It’s a book you can read many times.
– Kirjakaapin kummitus

This book is great for many women, older and younger. And I encourage men to open the book too!
– Oma Sivunkääntäjä blog

Kankimäki’s work is a power book for all girls and women. It urges you to do, go, dare and find your dreams – and yourself.
 Parasta ennen blog

This book is so inspiring that I immediately decided to book a trip to Florence!
– Tuijata. Kulttuuripohdintoja Blog 

Mia Kankimäki has smart wits and fabulous self-irony!
 Maaseudun tulevaisuus newspaper  

Pick up the book, open it, read the forewords – and you are ready for a journey of your lifetime!
 Curiouser & Curiouser blog 

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Rights Sold:

FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

GERMANY: btb Verlag / Random House (2-book-deal)

NETHERLANDS: Uitgeverij Orlando

RUSSIA: Eksmo Publishing House

UNITED STATES: Simon&Schuster (North American)

Mia Kankimäki

Mia Kankimäki has worked as an editor and copywriter. Her first book, Things That Make One’s Heart Beat Faster, a book that took her to Kyoto in search of Sei Shonagon, a Japanese noblewoman and writer who lived a thousand years ago. The book received, among others, the 2015 HelMet Award annually given by Helsinki libraries to ‘a future classic’.

Author photo by Otava Publishing


Mia Kankimäki

The Women I Think About At Night

2018, Non-Fiction

Mia Kankimäki

Things That Make One’s Heart Beat Faster

2013, Non-Fiction

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