Onni’s Recycling Book by Sanna Pelliccioni sold to Korea!

We are happy to announce the Korean deal for Onni’s Recycling Book by Sanna Pelliccioni: the rights have been sold to Samsung Publishing!  Onni picture books, aimed at kids aged two to six years old, present relatable adventures in the life of a little boy who is growing up with every new experience.

”Onni series shows that very ordinary life can be a new, exciting and rewarding adventure for children. We are honored to publish a Korean translation of Onni’s Recycling Book, which is full of bright and positive energy.” – Hyun Sun Park, children’s book editor, Samsung Publishing, Korea

Click here for English reading materials of the Onni series!

About Onni’s Recycling Book:
When he eats breakfast with his parents, Onni knows how all the leftover food is split into different waste containers. Later, while taking the garbage out with his dad, he sees his neighbour taking out old cardboard boxes. Onni’s dad has an idea to build a ship out of cardboard, and the whole family has fun getting creative. Later the neighbours gather at a yard sale where every item has its own story.

“A firm favourite among preschool-aged children…Pelliccioni’s round-headed figures, characteristic of her style, are suitably simple. She manages to convey fine nuances in their expressions and body language.” – Books from Finland literary journal

Reading materials:
Finnish editions
English manuscripts of books 1-3
English synopses of books 1-10

Onni series:
BOOK I: Onni’s Busy Day
BOOK II: Onni’s Grand Journey
BOOK III: Onni’s Recycling Book
BOOK IV: Big Brother Onni
BOOK V: Onni Goes To Preschool
BOOK VI: Onni and the Scary Monster
BOOK VII: Onni Makes a New Friend
BOOK VIII: Onni Wants It All
BOOK IX: Onni Goes To Grandma’s House
BOOK X: Onni Likes To Play

Rights sold:
Original publisher: FINLAND, Minerva
CHINA, China Citic Press
KOREA, Samsung Publishing

Sanna Pelliccioni

Sanna Pelliccioni is an illustrator, graphic designer and author. Originally trained as a biologist, she wrote and illustrated her first book when she became a mother. This book turned into the Onni series, of which ten entries have been published to date. A smash success in Finland, the books have also spurred greeting cards and advent calendars. Pelliccioni is also the co-owner of Bombotti, a stationary and design firm, and a board member at IBBY Finland (International Board on Books for Young People).


Sanna Pelliccioni

The Onni Series

2007-, Picture Book

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